Cheapest Way to Explore Iceland.

Cheap Campervans Iceland offers the cheapest way to explore Iceland. Period. We offer quality campervans and professional service at a 43% lower price than the other guys and a Lowest Price Guarantee. Book your Cheap Campervan in Iceland today. 

from 49 EURper day

Cheap 4x4 with Tent

The Cheap 4×4 Campers are manual transmission 2015 or newer model Dacia Duster with rooftop tents, turning these SUVs into simple campers.

This camper is perfect for 2 adventurous people who want to explore all of Iceland, including hidden gems and the Highlands, because a Cheap 4×4 Camper is allowed on F-Roads and is better suited for gravel roads.

Seats 5 Beds 2
Manual 4WD
No Heater Allowed on F-roads

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from 33 EURper day

Cheap Campervans

The Cheap Campervans are manual transmission 2019 model Dacia Dokker vans. They are fuel-efficient, easy to drive and park, and offer all the conveniences of a brand new car. This van is perfect for up to 2 people to explore Iceland.

Whether you’re bringing a spouse, friend, or a stranger, the Cheap Campervan will make for a great travel partner without breaking the bank.

Seats 2 Beds 2
Manual 2WD
No Heater Not allowed on F-roads

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Camping Packages - Get the Most Popular Extras Cheaper

The Basic Pack

Take camping essentials with you: Wifi hotspot, duvet, gravel, and tire insurance to protect yourself from some of the most costly damages.

15 EUR/day
The Travel Pack

The Travel pack includes Premium protection, wifi, duvet, camping chairs, and table. Stay comfortable while camping in Iceland.

25 EUR/day
The Adventure pack

Make the most out of your trip to Iceland. The Ultimate pack includes Premium+ protection and choose any extras you want.

35 EUR/day

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Packing for a Trip to Iceland with a Campervan

Packing for a trip to a new, unfamiliar destination is always challenging, at least for me. What will the weather be like? How many pieces of clothes will I need? How to fit it all into luggage (I usually want to bring more than can fit in my suitcase). In his blog post, I will […]

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