Price Guarantee

Nobody offers campervans at a lower price than us. End of story. In the unlikely event that you will find a lower price, we will simply match it and offer you a 10% additional discount.

Cheapest. Period.

The Lowest Price Guarantee

It’s simple. If you find a cheaper price at a different campervan rental in Iceland, we will match that price and add a 10% discount to your booking*. Here is how you take advantage of the lowest price guarantee:

  1. Send us an email at with an attachment that shows the lower price (image screenshots are easiest). The screenshot needs to be from the official renter’s website and/or easily verifiable.
  2. Tell us your booking number if you have already made a booking, and we’ll apply the 10% discount OR tell us your travel information, and we will book the van for you with the 10% discount.
  3. That’s it! You’ll pay less when you pick up the van and can be 100% sure that you got the lowest price.
    Note: Apply for the discount before the start of your rental. We cannot change your rental price after you picked up your van.

*Lowest Price Guarantee applies to campervan rental prices only and does not apply to extras, insurance, etc.. To be valid, proof of lower price needs to be publicly available and accessible by Cheap Campervans employees online. Special promotion prices at other companies do not qualify for our price match.