Cheap Campervans in Iceland Opens

The day has finally arrived – our Cheap Campervans concept has finally become a reality. The Cheap Campervan concept is simple; to help people save money in Iceland. We mainly do this by providing the cheapest campervans in the country but we also focus on using our 10+years of experience in the campervan industry to give tips and important information that will save travelers money.

Why Cheap Campervans?

We noticed that a large portion of travelers consider price more than anything else when planning their trips. This is understandable, as Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. There are many campervan options available and some of them provide the highest quality service and campervan design/features, such as Happy Campers. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice some of these extra services and campervan features in return for a lower price tag, Cheap Campervans is the answer.

We do everything we can to keep costs down – from the minimal campervan design, which does not include an expensive heater and sink with running water, to a minimal office. We take these cost-cutting measures not to increase profits, but so that we can carry it over to our travelers in the form of lower prices.

New Business – Experienced Owners

At the same time, we’re not willing to sacrifice professionalism, security, and reliability. Owned by Blue Mountain ltd., which also owns Happy Campers, for example, we are a family business with lots of experience in the industry.

Unfortunately, so many new businesses in Iceland are only interested in “cashing in” on the tourism surge and lack the necessary infrastructure and experience to run a reliable business, which only hurts the traveler. We’re different. Cheap Campervans is a part of the reputable Blue Mountain ltd., which is owned and operated by an experienced entrepreneurial family with a good reputation here in Iceland. So when you book a Cheap Campervan, you can take confidence from the fact that you’re dealing with an experienced, reliable and honest family business.

Ready for a Cheap Adventure in Iceland?

Start your adventure with the Cheap family, save money, and experience Iceland without sacrificing your bank account. Reach us anytime using the contact form below or give us feedback in the comments. Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland!