5 Reasons to Visit Iceland in the Fall

Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries on earth, and many visitors flock there in the summer to experience the midnight sun and blue lupines. But while summer is beautiful, the peak season in Iceland can be overrun by tourists, making it hard to enjoy all this country has to offer. So if you’ve been thinking about booking a trip to Iceland, but you are not sure if fall is a good time to visit, here are five reasons why a fall road trip in Iceland is a fantastic idea.

Mild Weather

When packing for Iceland visit in the fall, remember - layers, layers, layers. Waterproof and windproof outer layers are essential for a trip to Iceland.

The weather is still nice enough for hiking and exploring nature. The average temperature during October and November is around 5°C (41°F), which makes hiking through lava fields or along glaciers comfortable even if you’re not used to Arctic temperatures.

That said, you can expect days with heavy rains and harsh winds at any time of the year. So, remember – layers, layers, layers. Waterproof, windproof, and warm clothes are essential for Iceland.

Fewer Tourists

During high season months most popular tourist destinations, such as Studlagil canyon, can be full of people. Meanwhile during shoulder months, you can enjoy nature with fewer people around.

We see a trend that more and more people choose to travel to Iceland outside the summer months. However, the numbers are still lower compared to the high season. Fewer tourists mean less traffic on roads and fewer crowds at attractions.

Stunning Scenery

Autumn is Iceland is short, but if you lucky, you can enjoy the magical time when green leaves turn warm yellow and orange and looks stunning.

Iceland’s scenery is so stunning that it’s hard to believe it exists in real life. During the fall, you’ll get to see all of it in its full glory: the vibrant colors of changing leaves, the golden glow of the sun through thinning clouds and fog, and glittering frost on the ground as winter creeps closer.

Lower Prices

Iceland is expensive, especially in the summer. However, during cold months, it gets cheaper as many companies have special offers to attract customers.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and changing leaves, you’ll enjoy lower prices on flights, food, transportation, and accommodation. You might be surprised at how far prices can drop! Traveling outside the high season is a great trick to save money.

Northern Lights

Another reason autumn is such a fantastic time of year to visit Iceland! If you want to see Northern lights dancing over your head, then this is your chance!

Another reason autumn is such a fantastic time of year to visit Iceland! If you want to see Northern lights dancing over your head, then this is your chance! Remember that the Northern Lights cannot be seen during the summertime because the nights do not get dark enough. Meanwhile, there is still plenty of daylight during fall months to explore Iceland and higher chances to see the Aurora.

We hope these five reasons will inspire you to visit Iceland in the fall and be able to view its natural beauty up close. It is, without a doubt, well worth the trip! Are you ready to book your Cheap Campervan and go hung for northern lights?