Cheapest campers in Iceland? What’s the catch?

Yes, if you are looking for a cheap camper in Iceland, you are in the right place. We are so confident in our low-cost campervans that we offer the low-cost guarantee if you find lower prices at other campervan rentals in Iceland.

We’re able to do this by minimizing operating and van-building costs, so the only “catch” is that you’ll be getting a very basic campervan or “tent on wheels” as we like to call it. If that’s cool with you, then it’s a win-win that will help you explore Iceland and save money for other things.

But we believe that you should not have to sacrifice professional service, reliability, and safety and we are confident that our brand new 2019 campers and 10+ years of experience in the campervan industry won’t let you down. That’s just the way we do it at Cheap Campervans Iceland.